Their Story 2007 in Review

From Heartbreak to Love to Pure Torture: Evian's Rollercoaster Ride of a Year

by Courtaney

2007 was a rollercoaster of a year for Evian and their fans. It began with Eve and Julian very much apart and would sadly end that way too. However, in between, the couple would traverse the many miles they had drifted apart, regaining the trust and friendship they held dear, and reigniting that beautiful spark that has captivated fans for years.

The year began with Evian at opposing sides of a very stiff dilemma: Fox faking a terminal illness to keep Kay in his life. Eve wanted him to tell Kay the truth, but Julian would have none of that. He wanted his son to hold onto the woman he loved, something he hadn’t been able to do.

When he ran into Eve before Fox and Kay’s wedding, Julian pulled her into his suite and tried to talk her into remaining quiet. Eve opened up about her relationship with TC to Julian, and fans got the sense they were together in name only. As Eve turned to go, Julian pulled her into a passionate kiss.

The kiss didn’t bring the couple back together, but it did show them both that the sparks were far from over. The rest of that month was spent with Evian sharing scenes at Fox’s wedding and in the hospital, where Julian was nervous about having Eve operate on Fox, who hit by a car.

Things went from bad to worse in February, as Julian orchestrated a scam to make it appear Fox was indeed dying by bringing in a medical expert who was under Crane control. Even Eve couldn’t argue with the doctor’s “findings.” As Eve worked to counsel some of the town’s young people, Julian once again became too close for comfort with Ivy, this time in the Blue Note storage room. The month saw some humor, though, as Eve stressed to Fox that the biggest side effect of his treatment would be impotence. One promising little sign during that time…Eve reached out to touch Julian’s arm in Fox’s hospital room. It was just a simple gesture, but it gave fans hope.

More hope came in March, which was a major turning point in Evian’s post-breakup relationship. When Julian said he wanted his son to get well, Eve looked visibly shaken. She mentioned their son, and how she thought of him all the time. Julian was moved by her words, and admitted he still thought of him too. Later, Eve got a call at the hospital from a man claiming to be their son. The call sparked Julian to ask Eve if she would agree to search for their son together. Eve hesitated, mentioning how cruel Julian had been to her since their breakup. Julian apologized, saying it wasn’t his place to tell her who she could help and how, and Eve concurred. She agreed to work with him, and Julian chose Valerie as the primary sleuth. Eve was worried that their son might hate them for not being there for him, even though he had been kidnapped. As she left to do her rounds, Julian called her name. They shared a look, and he wished her a good day. After she left, Julian wondered aloud if it could be possible that they could wind up together after all.

Later that month, Evian shared another touching scene at the hospital. Eve was worried she would lose their son all over again if they continued to search for him, just like they had lost Chad . She didn’t know if she could take it again. Julian told her she would make their son happy, that she was a lovely, wonderful, and giving woman. He told her maybe she would find happiness too someday, but Eve said it was a little late for that.

Julian said she had been through so much pain, most of it because of him. He said he didn’t think God or fate could throw anymore pain at her. The two shared a sweet hug. Eve, however, recoiled in horror at the feeling that someone had just walked across her grave.

Evian shared more up and down moments later that month. Fox could tell Julian wanted Eve back. He told his dad a good way to help that along would be to reinstate the hospital funds. Julian told him not to get carried away. Soon after, Valerie reported to Eve and Julian that their son had been horribly abused. Later, Julian came to Simone’s girlfriend Rae’s funeral to hear more information from Valerie. Eve lit up when she saw him there, and the two linked arms, much to TC’s dismay. When they saw one another at the hospital next, though, and Julian attempted to put his arm around Eve, she drew back. Ivy noticed and told Julian that Eve appeared to have moved on. It was in her office that day, during Theresa’s impromptu bridal shower, that Eve received a call from the Blackmailer, who played a tape of her baby crying as he was taken from the hospital years ago. Eve was in shock from the call, but didn’t let on about it to Julian. He could tell something was wrong, however.

Evian didn’t really interact again until May, and what a rollercoaster of a ride that month was for them! It began with Eve calling Julian into her office to ask how the search for their son was going. Julian blurted out that he could wait years to find him, leaving Eve in shock. He explained that he loved getting to spend all of this time with her, and that once their son was found, he knew that wouldn’t happen anymore. That’s why he could wait years. He admitted he thought of her all the time and wished he could go back and change things. Much to his surprise, Eve confessed that she thought about him all the time too. Julian tried to take the blame for everything that had happened in the distant past, but Eve said no, that she was a part of it too, as was Alistair.

Then, Eve stunned Julian even more as she admitted she had betrayed their love by going back to TC after his stroke. She said she didn’t love TC the way she used to or should, and that’s because she loved Julian. Unfortunately, Eve got beeped just then, so Julian was left alone to try to take in all she had said.

Julian returned to the mansion, where he began drinking. An irate Ivy showed up in his suite and threw his brandy in his face. She calmed down though, as the two began discussing the past and getting drunk together. That led to a kiss and another tumble in bed. Of course, who would barge in just then, ready to accept Julian and Ivy back, but Eve and Sam. Julian was so sloshed when he saw Eve that he smiled and greeted her warmly. Sobering fast, he tried to explain that his being in bed with Ivy meant nothing, but Eve would hear none of it and stormed out. Their paths crossed soon after in the Crane mansion hallway, when Eve was there checking on a patient. Julian again tried to plead his case, but she insisted it was over.

Julian wasn’t through trying to get Eve back. He sent her roses, which she promptly threw in the trash. He visited her office, spied them in the waste can, and said he saw she had gotten his flowers. He told her Valerie had some news for them. When Valerie showed up, she told them she had a 100 percent ID on their son. Ecstatic, Eve threw her arms around Julian. That brief show of affection wouldn’t last, however, as the next time Evian met up, at a party at the Crane mansion, Eve rebuffed Julian. He had wanted to speak to her in private but she retreated with Whitney. You could cut the tension between them with a knife.

Later that month, Julian received a text message telling him to check the DNA of his son. He went to Eve for help, and she thought it could be about their son. They realized Valerie had a handle on that, however, so Eve’s thoughts turned to Fox. During that same visit, Julian begged Eve for another chance. He said he had changed before for her and would again, this time forever. Eve said she couldn’t give him that chance, and that he didn’t know how sorry she was to say that. She proceeded to check Fox’s DNA in the computer for Julian and beamed when she told him it matched his. But then, he wondered about little Ethan. Eve discovered their DNA didn’t match and felt bad for Julian as he lost yet another son he thought was his. She begged him to give Theresa a chance to tell Ethan the truth first. Julian pretended to appease Eve as he began plotting his revenge against Theresa.

June ushered in one of the all-time low points for Evian, and one of the most bizarre recent periods in Julian’s life. The month began with Julian gaining the upper hand on Theresa, and working out a deal with her to win back control of Crane Industries, once Luis was saved from Death Row. Upon leaving Theresa’s office satisfied with the deal, Julian came across Valerie, whom he flirted with, inviting her to the Blue Note for a drink. It was Ivy, however, who showed up there and began drinking with Julian. They started talking about the past, as Eve showed up at CI looking for Julian. She seemed disappointed he wasn’t there and asked Valerie to pray for him, that he find some happiness that didn’t include money or power. Soon after, Julian and Ivy went out on an official date at the Blue Note, where she clung to him and asked him to run away to Paris with her. Julian considered the notion, for a second, but wanted to run CI as well. When Ivy found out he had been leading her on about leaving town, she slapped him silly. She didn’t seem to notice, unlike the fans, though, how he stumbled over the words “I love you” and checked out a young babe in the background during their date.

Later that night, Ivy showed up at Crane Industries, where she discovered Julian with a “love letter” he had penned for her. The two went at it on his desk, and later talked about the past. Ivy asked Julian if he still had feelings for Eve, and he blurted out, “No!” But it was obvious he wasn’t over her. During this time, Eve was talking to Valerie about the investigation. Valerie told her that their son wanted to meet with her and Julian, and something else—he hoped they’d get back together again. Eve pondered her son’s wishes as she set off to find Julian. Find him she did, going at it again with Ivy on his desk. Frustrated and embarrassed, Julian asked Eve if she ever knocked.

Eve was furious, lashing out at both Julian and Ivy, calling them rutting pigs and more. Julian asked why she was there, and Eve’s answer, that she had news on their son—that he wanted to meet them—cut him to the core, as did what she added…that she didn’t think he would be a good role model for their son the way he was acting.

Ivy tried to get Julian to tell Eve the two of them were in love, but the way he said it left no doubt that the only woman he loved was Eve. When Eve stormed out, Ivy told him not to worry, that she was just jealous. It was as if a light bulb went on inside of Julian’s head.

July brought with it some huge revelations for Evian. While Fox’s schemes blew up in his face at Tabitha’s, much to Julian’s dismay, Eve was texted by their son, telling her to meet him at Valerie’s house. When she got there, she found only the Blackmailer, in the dark. Terrified, Eve knew who he was immediately, the man in the she/male costume and mask who had been terrorizing Harmony. The Blackmailer said he was her son, and a stunned Eve grappled with the meaning of his shocking confession. He laid a guilt trip on Eve, saying she should have known he was alive. He lifted his skirt to show her his genitals, a sight that horrified Eve. Her son told her how he had been tortured by his foster parents due to his condition.

At one point, Eve's son began sobbing, and she came up behind him, hugging him. She told him she loved him. He cried in her arms, calling her “Mommy.” He then asked her to tell him stories of happy families. The tender moment came to a sudden halt, however, when Eve asked him to turn himself in.

Eve’s son turned on her, choking her. Only when Eve motioned for him to open her purse, and he discovered the baby booties she had kept and cherished since his birth, did he let up. He told Eve he was still out for revenge and that this time he would target Julian’s children, after already ruining Eve’s daughters’ lives. He broke down again after she was appalled at his revelation of his “love” for Ethan, and ran into the bathroom, where he locked himself in. Eve called Julian to the house, but when he barged in the bathroom, their son was gone.

Later, Evian took a walk along the docks. Eve didn’t want to tell Julian everything right then, and he didn’t pry. He also didn’t tell her that he had just been on an adventure of his own with Tabitha and Endora, and that he had discovered little Endora, his daughter, was a witch! The Blackmailer later caught up to Eve on the docks after Julian had left and warned her to keep quiet. When she returned home, Eve found Vincent there with Whitney. When they were alone later, he told Eve that he was the Blackmailer…he was her son. She became emotional at finally seeing his face. He was angry when she didn’t reveal their connection to Whitney, however. When he left, Eve popped some pills.

Julian was upset to find Eve under the influence when he arrived at her house the next morning. He would soon learn the reason why. Eve told him their son was a murderer, that he had killed Rae. Julian didn’t believe her at first, but later said she couldn’t turn him in. Vincent then came in through the back door and surprised Julian by calling him “Daddy Dearest.” Learning Vincent was his son, Julian confronted him about his evil doings, but Vincent tried to put the blame on Eve. While they were talking, Eve fixed herself a drink and kept asking Julian if he wanted one, or perhaps some pills.

When Vincent went to change into his Blackmailer costume and returned, Julian was stunned, but nothing could prepare him for what he would see when Vincent lifted up his skirt. Julian grabbed Eve’s bottle of vodka and started sipping as Vincent left.

Eve headed for the front door to turn their son in, but Julian grabbed her and said he wouldn’t let her do this. She accused him of only being concerned about CI and the Crane name and reputation. She also called him a racist, for not wanting anyone to know about their son. Eve said Julian had only wanted her because she was exciting to him and because it would make his father angry, and that as soon as Alistair had died, he dumped her. Julian said she was the one who had dumped him…that he wanted to marry her. Julian told her how much he loved her. Eve brought up Ivy, and he said that wasn’t love and she knew it, that it was only comfort. Eve told him that next time he should try a bowl of ice cream. Julian said she was the only thing in his heart. Eve said she thought that was money. Julian said he would give up all the money and power in the world if he could just have her back…that he would be happy digging ditches, if her smiling face was waiting for him on the porch everyday when he arrived home.

Julian said leaving Eve a long time ago was the worst mistake of his life, that he had become this malevolent caricature of a man without her. And that when she came back into his life, she had reached into the arid plains of his soul and found joy there, buried, and uncovered it.

Julian declared to Eve that she had made him a better man. He said he knew she hated him, but that he loved her, and he would always love her. He confessed, with tears in his eyes, that he would go to his grave with her name on his lips.

Eve was sniffling as they moved in for a gentle kiss, and then parted, Julian pressing his forehead to hers.

Their lips met again, and then Eve pulled him in for a bigger kiss. Julian broke the kiss, saying, “You mean…?” Eve smiled and told him he had done enough talking for one day, as she pulled him in for another passionate kiss.

We next saw Evian in their blissful aftermath on Eve’s living room couch. Julian’s chest was bare and Eve was on top of him, wearing a slip.

They snuggled close, happy as could be, as both Eve and Julian admitted they never thought this would happen again. You could tell they were thrilled it did. They kissed, but their heavenly moment came to a sudden end when Eve’s cell phone rang.

Eve learned that Luis’ execution was about to happen and said she had to save him, since she knew their son was responsible for Rae’s death. Julian said what about Miles? How could he grow up knowing his father had slept with his own nephew? The two headed for the prison, with Eve still unsure of what she would do.

At the prison, Evian ran into Vincent in a corridor. He hugged them, calling them “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Julian told him they would try to get him some help. Later, Julian and Eve tried to protect Vincent as everyone lay chase to the Blackmailer, whose sighting turned out to be a hoax this time...Rebecca playing dress-up.

Eve called the warden and told him she had to meet him, but it was Vincent whom she ran into in the hallway. He locked her in a closet so she couldn’t stop the execution. While in the closet, Eve dreamed that Julian showed up and managed to get in, sweeping her into a passionate kiss. But it was only a dream.

Eve finally managed to break out of the closet and hurried to the execution chamber. She flew inside, yelling, “Stop the execution!” Grabbing a guard’s taser, Eve proceeded to unhook the IV from Luis’ arm.

Everyone entered the execution chamber asking what was going on, and Eve explained the truth…that her and Julian’s son was none other than Vincent, who was really the Blackmailer, and the killer of Rae. Julian was upset that Eve fingered their son as the killer.

Vincent was carted off to a cell. Later, Eve visited him at the prison, where he once again tried to strangle her and then fell into her arms, sobbing. Julian later visited his son as well, with Eve, as Vincent displayed childlike behavior for them. While Evian talked to the psychiatrist, they held hands. It was then that their son escaped. He went after Sheridan , and by a strange coincidence, Spike too caught up with her, with equally evil intentions. The two men fell over the side of a cliff, however, and it was Sheridan left holding onto them both, with their fate in her hands. Evian arrived just as Sheridan let Vincent go to save Spike, after Spike told her that Marty was alive and he knew where he was.

Vincent’s fall to his death devastated Eve. She and Julian went to the Blue Note to drink away their sorrows as they awaited word on whether his body would be found. Eve lamented that all they could probably give their son was a memorial service, because the sharks and the lobsters would eat what was left of him. She said all the Cranes had ruined her life and collapsed in Julian’s arms, sobbing.

Later, on the cliff again, Eve slapped Sheridan for letting Vincent die, as Julian kissed her head, trying to soothe her anger. Once again, Evian returned to the Blue Note to drink, as August turned to September. Julian told Eve she wasn’t to blame for what happened. She said she knew, that Sheridan was. Julian stood up for his sister. He tried to make Eve feel better with talk of Whitney and the baby she was expecting. Eve smiled at first and then broke down in tears, saying everyone she loved always left her. As if on cue, Whitney entered the Blue Note to tell her mother she was moving that very night to New Orleans for a fresh start because of Chad ’s death. Eve was devastated.

The DirecTV scenes debuted horribly for Evian, as Julian discovered his son Fox shot and near death at the mansion. There was nothing Julian could do as he watched his son die. Meanwhile, a very much alive Vincent secretly tortured his mother by calling her on the telephone and by using a device that made her think she was seeing things, namely, his ghost! Vincent also pushed Eve toward alcohol and drugs as he laid pills and booze all around her house. Julian tried to get Eve to realize that her grief was making her see things, when he visited her, but she was adamant she had seen their son. Realizing he couldn’t stop her from drinking, Julian grabbed the bottle of booze and joined her. Eve didn’t like seeing him drinking, and took the bottle away.

Julian told her what happened to Vincent wasn’t her fault. Eve said everyone had left her. She told him to go so she could be there alone (with her bottle, he deduced). Eve admitted it wouldn’t take her to oblivion, but it would help. Julian said maybe they should try to reach oblivion together, and started kissing her passionately.

She pushed him away, saying he couldn’t love her. He said that was like asking the stars not to shine. She said she wasn’t lovable, that she was like Alistair. He said he didn’t care what she was, that he loved and adored her and needed to be with her. Julian pushed her back on the couch and kissed her intensely once more.

On the next show, Eve pushed Julian away, saying he didn’t believe her about Vincent. Julian said he understood why she felt that way, that a mother’s love for her child never dies. He said he needed to be with her, but she said for that to happen, he had to believe her. Growing more agitated, Eve broke a bottle and chased Julian out, saying she would make it so he could never make love to a woman again. Julian went to the docks to think things through as Eve began to sober. She realized she had been unfair to the man she loved, saying, “My poor Julian,” and set out to look for him so she could apologize. Julian, meanwhile, decided to head back to Eve’s to do the same thing. That’s when Valerie sauntered up to him and pulled him into a seductive kiss, witnessed by Eve, of course. Eve stormed off and Julian ran after her, telling her the kiss meant nothing, that Valerie was just comforting him after learning about Fox’s death. Eve softened at the mention of his son’s death and reached out to Julian. Just as things were looking better, Vincent called Eve with another of his mind games, making both Eve and Julian think she was going crazy as Julian took the phone and found Valerie on the other end.

Vincent continued his torture of Eve as he visited her at home the next morning and pushed pills on her. He hid when Julian came over with some groceries. An excited Eve greeted him, insisting their son was alive. Julian tried to make her realize she was hallucinating from her grief. When he went to fix her some tea, Vincent reappeared and told her he had to go because his daddy didn’t love him. Eve defended Julian to him, but later, when Julian came back into the room and Vincent had disappeared, she slapped him, saying it was his fault their son was gone. Julian tried to make Eve see this was her grief talking, as he sought to console her. Vincent again harassed his mother by switching from himself to Valerie and back again as a way to torture her.

Evian’s rollercoaster of an autumn continued as Valerie sneaked into the mansion and climbed into bed with Julian. He thought it was Eve at first and began kissing her. He was shocked to discover it was Valerie and tried to resist her. Eventually, however, he apparently gave in. Meanwhile, Eve made a careless mistake at work that nearly cost a patient his life. Mortified, she realized Julian was right and she needed help. She looked at a picture of them together and asked why she continued to push away this man who adored her and only wanted to see her happy. She kissed Julian’s picture and vowed to find him so they could start over together.

Eve entered Julian’s suite, calling out that she needed him. She was dismayed to find him in bed with Valerie. Julian told her it wasn’t what it looked like, but she didn’t want to hear it. She asked him how come at the first sign of trouble, he jumped into bed with another woman? She said she could only imagine what would happen if another tsunami hit town—no woman would be safe! Eve realized that trust went both ways, though…she had trouble trusting Julian with other women, and he had trouble trusting her that Vincent was alive. They began to talk and she calmed down. Eve told him about the prescription problem almost costing her patient his life, and how she wasn’t going to touch another drop. Julian was proud of her.

They discussed their future together, Julian telling her he’d always be there for her. Then they kissed. At that same moment, however, Valerie removed her mask under the bed to reveal Vincent’s face. He vowed to kill his mother before she took his father away from him!

Things got a lot worse for Eve as Vincent played a tape of him crying for his mommy in her office. Eve couldn’t help but reach for a drink. Julian came in to find Eve tipsy. He was devastated. He stayed with her, not wanting her to jeopardize her career by being seen drunk at the hospital. Julian told Eve he’d take her away to Venice or Tuscany and spend the winter with her there. Vincent, meanwhile, altered baby Jonathan’s prescription, hoping to kill him and have Eve get the blame. When the baby took a turn for the worse, the doctor on duty blamed Eve for the mistake. Gwen slapped Eve and threatened to have her head if her baby died. Eve insisted she didn’t do it. Vincent paid her another visit while she was alone in her office. Eve grabbed her bottle of vodka and began chugging. Vincent then gave her a guilt trip. He handed her a scalpel and told her to kill herself, that Whitney and Simone would be better off. A beaten-down Eve slashed her wrists, and as she slowly lost blood, Vincent stayed and continued to harass her, telling her he had changed the prescription. When Eve tried to make it to the door for help, she collapsed on the floor. Vincent ran off at the sight of her blood, clutching his stomach. He soon learned he was pregnant.

Eve awakened, weak but alive. She bandaged her wrists and set out to look for something stronger to drink. She ran into Rebecca and Pilar, who were arguing. Eve grabbed Rebecca’s flask and chugged it down. She then tried to get some pills out of a locked cabinet. Pilar told her she needed help. Later, in the ER, Gwen attacked Eve once more. Ethan and Julian pulled her off of Eve. The doctor tried to explain her innocence, insisting Vincent had done it. No one believed her. She spent the night at the mansion, to await a hearing on her future at the hospital. Nervous, Eve took some pills both at the mansion and in her office before the hearing.

Eve came back from the hearing, sobbing and visibly high, to tell Julian that they had suspended her from the hospital…that everyone was embarrassed for her. Julian asked her when she had taken more pills. He begged her to go away with him to Europe, but Eve insisted she had to stay in Harmony to try to help Vincent.

Evian then went to the Blue Note. Julian was uneasy about taking Eve to a bar. He told her she should sing “My Baby’s Gone” because he was gone. Eve wouldn’t listen. She left in a huff, saying she needed a man who believed in her and it wasn’t Julian. Meanwhile, Esme came over and began working her wiles on Julian. She flirted with him and the two did shots together. During a break from the shots, Julian called Eve on his cell phone, apologizing. She also apologized, and things seemed good until Eve mentioned Vincent again and heard a woman’s voice in the background. Furious, Eve told Julian to go be with his plaything and never to call her again. Julian thought she meant it and continued his fun with Esme, which included more drinking, dancing, strip poker, and kissing. The two then went back to the mansion and had a romp.

Eve, meanwhile, received an office visit from Valerie, who begged her to examine her. Eve finally agreed, only to be shocked at what she found beneath her hospital gown. She knew right away that she had seen her genitalia before! Eve grabbed some booze and got drunk. As she sobered, she learned the whole disgusting truth—that Vincent and Valerie were one and the same, and that either Julian or Chad was the father of the baby…incest either way! Valerie later ran into Julian at Eve’s place, telling him she was pregnant. Eve wanted her to tell the whole story, but she refused. Julian told Eve he hoped it wasn’t over between them, saying he loved her, but Eve said there was no hope for them and that their lives, in fact, were over.

The next time we saw Eve, in December, she was in the hospital strapped to a bed. Julian had checked her into rehab. Eve spied Vincent there, dressed as an orderly, and tried to tell Julian, but he thought she was hallucinating. Julian said he would always be there for Eve, but went home to Esme and confessed to her that Eve would probably never forgive him for getting Valerie pregnant. She agreed, saying Eve wouldn’t forgive him for checking her into rehab either. The two had sex, as Vincent began torturing Eve once more, this time in the hospital, spiking her orange juice with whiskey. As Julian unwittingly dodged a serial killer’s knife during his romp with Esme, Eve suffered from the wrath of their son. He tried to force her to take a drink, saying he needed to keep her drunk or people might believe her, and then Julian would make him have an abortion. Eve flung the glass across the room and tried to send Julian a text message, “H” for “help.” Vincent came at her and started choking her.

Julian got the text message from Eve and immediately dropped Esme like a hot potato. She said the “H” probably stood for “heroin.” Julian grabbed his clothes and rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, he thought Eve was dead as she lay motionless in bed, with strangle marks on her neck.

Distraught, Julian told Eve he couldn’t live in a world she wasn’t a part of. He laid his head on her chest in dispair. Then realized it might not be too late and felt for a pulse. Finding one, he became elated. Eve awoke then and touched his face.

The next time Julian entered her room, Eve was having a nightmare. She woke up and tried to tell him about Vincent, but he smelled alcohol on her breath and didn’t believe her. He told her the doctors thought she had tried to strangle herself. Seeing he didn’t believe her, Eve told Julian to get out. She said she wasn’t good enough for him, but he said it was the other way around. Julian blamed himself for getting her hooked on alcohol and drugs in the first place. After Julian left, Vincent appeared and started strangling Eve again. When Julian returned, she was passed out again, but Valerie was in the room. Julian brushed her off, saying Eve was his main concern. He told her he’d be there for the baby, however. But then, realizing it was the holidays, he asked Valerie what she was doing for Christmas Eve. He said she could spend it at the mansion with him. So 2007 ended without an Evian Christmas, but rather, with Julian and Valerie sharing one together off screen.

What an up and down year it was for our Evian. It began with them apart, the sting of their breakup still fresh. It ended with them being horribly tortured— Eve, outright, by their son, and Julian, unknowingly, by Valerie, their son in disguise. If it weren’t for their precious reunion in July, what a terrible, terrible year it would have been all the way around for our Evian.

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