‘Cell’ Mates
Passions’ Ben Masters (Julian)

By Deanna Barnert
November 23, 2004

Ben Masters was worried his lazy Thursday was a sign that he's turned "boring." After checking in with him on his cell phone during his day off from playing Passions' Julian, we can assure you that even at his most relaxed, Masters is anything but boring.

5:30 A.M. "Good morning, dear! I'm on my boat. I go back and forth to different places. I'm off the grid (laughs). I just got up and made coffee."

6:42 a.m. "I just got on the Internet, which I haven't done for about a week, to see what everyone on the message boards thinks about the show, and to see if I disgust people. I like to see what the people are saying, and watch all of the little feuds they have."

7:35 a.m. "I'm reading a magazine about boats. I have some Passions scripts, but I don't work again till next Wednesday, and I like to work only four days ahead, so my head is not being jumbled around."

8:45 a.m. "I haven't brushed my teeth yet, but no one's here so it doesn't matter! I'm going to go do some work on my shower. On a boat, there's always something that's not working."

10:15 a.m. "I just made breakfast in the galley. I have a small refrigerator, a small freezer, a stove and a microwave. I've also got a nice TV set and sound system. I haven't bathed yet, but I did brush my teeth."

11:22 a.m. "I was looking at the USC female rowing team stretch on the dock. They're usually there at about 5 a.m., before the sun comes up. Now, I'm contemplating whether to have red wine or white wine with dinner, and thinking about doing laundry, because the maid didn't show up. I have to go onto land for that."

12:30 p.m. "There's a seal and a little baby seal swimming around about 15 feet from my boat. I just watched someone bring in a 70-foot sailboat, pick it up out of the water with this great big lift, and then put it on land. Not everyone gets to see that."

2:15 p.m. "I went to the store to get some scented candles for my dressing room, because I like when it smells good in there. I got another newspaper and went to the post office, did some laundry. I still haven't bathed. I look like 'aqua trash.' That's what they call people who hang out on boats."

3:10 p.m. "It's my day off, so I'm actually having a beer right now. I just had a long conversation with Tracey Ross, who plays Eve Russell. I told her I had such a boring life and that [Cell Mates] is harder to do than one would think. She said, 'I was thinking about that. I would be freaked out. I'd have to plan a whole day of exciting things.' My life is really boring (dramatic sigh)."

4:00 p.m. "What have I done other than take a nap? I saved five nuns from a burning pickup truck (laughs)!"

5:20 p.m. I'm in a dinghy, a little 12-foot boat that I have attached to my big boat. I went on a ride in the channel with a couple of friends and I'm about to tie up here. It's a fast little boat. Oh, dear, look how shallow that is! It's a nice, overcast day, with a little bit of wind."

5:45 p.m. "We're going to happy hour at the Chart House to watch the [presidential] debate. Where better than in a bar? (reception cuts out) Hold on -- stick with me here! Okay, I'm off to have a scotch on the rocks, and watch the end of the world."

8:30 p.m. "I watched the debate, had a few cocktails and some ahi tuna, and then came back to the boat, with my little porpoise horn honking."

10:15 p.m. "It was a big day, and now I'm going to bed. When you sleep on a boat, if it's not too rough, it's very restful. It lulls you to sleep. And when you wake up, there are seagulls crapping all over your boat.”