On The Fly
with Passions’ Tracey Ross
11 questions in 11 minutes
By Deanna Barnert

Passions’ Eve brings out the best in Harmony’s baddy, Julian Crane, and Tracey Ross says that working opposite Ben Masters is doing the same for her.

1. Is it accurate to say Eve has brought out the gentler side of Julian?

That’s true, but it started with Timmy, his sincerity, sweetness, and innocence. It had been a long time since Julian had been around someone like that. It softened him and helped him remember the love he used to have for Eve. That made him want to be a better person.

2. Which Julian do you prefer working with?

Ben gives so much as an actor, if you catch one tenth of what he is throwing, you’re in good shape, and I catch more when it’s moving at a slow, more romantic pace. He’s every bit as entertaining when he’s sexy Julian with a heart, but I do love seeing him as bad Julian. I love the stuff with Ivy and Rebecca. I even like him with Eve when she’s just conservative and a prude and just wants to swat him away like a fly and he’s as wacky and out-of-his-mind as possible.

3. Have you gotten any interracial backlash?

Absolutely none. I always forget that it’s a possibility. Now, I would be shocked if I did. Julian and Eve are so right, that you would have to be really perverse to find some reason to not want them together.



Julian and Eve in a typical face-off.

4. Do you think that Eve belongs with Julian or TC?

Julian. Julian knows Eve, warts and all, and still loves her. TC loves the parts of Eve that she has shown him, which are only the good parts. Everybody’s always putting their best face forward, but Eve has been doing it for 20 years. It’s starting to kill her. Besides, who could resist Julian?

5. Ben has told us that his leading man days are behind him.

Did he say that? Nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t be that handsome and that sexy and say your leading days are behind you! He was born to wear a tuxedo.

6. What is it like working with him?

He is not accidentally giving wonderful performances. He puts in the time and effort to create something wonderful. He is the most generous human and consequently the most generous actor. Working with him all the time pulls up my game. He reminds me that there are people out there watching the show and we owe them. He’s charming, sincere, and hilarious. We are constantly laughing.

7. What would you like to see for Eve in the future?

The righteous part of me thinks she has to take her medicine. She’ll sacrifice almost anybody to save face in front of her husband. She can’t move on until she gets over her own cowardice. On the other hand, if she just married Julian and hosted lovely parties, that would be ok with me too (laughs).

8. What did you think was in TC’s shed?

I was voting for aliens. The longer we went without showing what was in there, the bigger and scarier the aliens got! James Hyde (Sam) said it was a meth lab. Galen Gering (Luis) said it was large-sized women’s clothing and shoes (laughs).

9. How is your son, Bryce, doing?

He’s 15, so he’ll be driving this summer! He has this big social life, but still finds time to come and ask his mother about different things he wants to know—and she gulps and tries to give objective answers.

10. And what is mom doing for fun?

Mom loves going to work. I love my co-workers, the crew, the production workers, everyone. They are so hardworking, sincere and good natured. Other than that, I look at decorating magazines of fabulously, professional decorated houses. Then I look around my house and feel like I am living in a cave and something must be done. I gawk when I see how much it’s going to cost and try to find the cheapest way to do it with safety pins and gum. I am going to make a Popsicle stick hardwood floor. You wait. Once they put that shiny polyurethane on it, everyone’s going to want one!

11. Are you seeing anyone special?

No. Most of my social time is with my son or my co-workers and I am just as happy as can be. Eva (Pilar) came over with her kids a few weekends ago. We went over to Dana’s (Grace) house and went on the boat, because we both live on a lake. Then we met Ben and had dinner. We try to spend time together whenever we can because we enjoy each other’s company so much. *