HIT: The Fog Rolls In On Passions
Soap Opera Weekly, June 26, 2001
By: Joanne Gallo

What did a mysterious maze, a strange, inescapable fog and a party filled with romantic tension add up to on Passions? A week of must-see, emotional, Harmony-style chaos.

Even though almost every scene was a premonition, dream or misunderstanding, they gave us almost as much viewing pleasure as they did Tabitha and Timmy, who provided delicious commentary every step of the wicked way. Oh, the agony!

Charity envisioned Miguel kissing Kay; Ivy lured Sam into her arms as Grace watched in horror; TC relived the car crash that ended his tennis career, and saw nemesis Julian in the driver's seat; Whitney discovered her new boyfriend, Chad is (gasp!) her brother.

Eve's dream of her baby being stolen out of the maternity ward was truly devastating. In a creepy, black-and-white nightmare, Tracey Ross wailed in her best drama-queen delivery as poor Eve couldn't save her baby.

On a show where a single day lasts weeks, it was a real treat to have so much juicy material packed into one week. The demons of the subconscious proved to be much more intriguing than those bogeymen in Charity's closet.