Tracey Ross's Crash Course in Medicine

By Robert Schork

Soap Opera Weekly Online


PASSIONS' Tracey Ross (Eve) could have used some of her character's medical expertise over her vacation in the Bahamas , when her 15-year-old son broke his neck in a diving accident in the ocean.

What could have been a terrible tragedy turned out much, much better — he escaped paralysis, and only had to remain immobilized at home for a three-month period of convalescence. "I told him once he was all healed, I would get him a massage for a present," explains Ross. "He took it like a grown-up. He knew how lucky he was that we weren't putting wheelchair ramps all over the house.

"I've found since then that for boys between 15 and 21 years of age, the number one thing that puts them in a wheelchair is diving," continues Ross. "The number two thing is car accidents. I didn't know that, and I don't know too many parents who do. I would never have let Bryce dive into anything anywhere had I realized that! We were in a hospital in the Bahamas and he knew how lucky he was that he could feel his legs and move his toes. When you know how much worse it can turn out, it seems like a walk in the park. He's been very mature about it."

Neither mother nor son will soon forget their frightening ordeal. "It was very scary. Ben (Masters, Julian) was there, and he knows all about broken necks, having had one himself. He had the halo (immobilizing device), and he was so hoping Bryce wouldn't have to. He made it so much easier for me to not freak out, because he knew what was going on. He made a huge difference. He knew everything to do and all the right questions to ask."

Thanks to everyone cooperation, Bryce as made a full recovery. "Now he's driving around again!" his mom proudly reports.