Mailbag with Tracey Ross (Eve)

Tracey Ross has answered YOUR questions! Of course, we got tons of questions for Tracey, but we chose ten that she personally answered!

Joe Miller: Who in the cast would you like to have more scenes with?

Tracey: I’m very lucky because I get to have scenes with practically everyone. I’m always interacting with so many of the good and not-so-good people of Harmony. But I would choose Ben always because Ben makes everyone he acts with better…just from being in the scene with him. I really like working with Donn because we connect very easily in scenes. We don’t often have to work at it. We connect very quickly and easily. And I would love to have more scenes with Lena because she’s so volatile!

From Lucas Kelly: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t on Passions?

Tracey: I’d be watching Passions and wishing I’d gotten this role!

From Karen Ortiz: What has been your favorite scene to tape on Passions?

Tracey: There have been many but two stand out in my mind. The first is the one when Eve held a gun on Ivy in the Crane living room because Eve was finally taking charge. It felt good not to be mincing the words—to just say “give me the photos or I’ll blow you away!” The other one was with Father Lonigan in the park. Eve had just come from trying to kill Ivy and was sitting on the park bench with a gun. To me, God intervened and sent Father Lonigan. She confessed to the Priest and appealed to him for help. I thought that scene was very well written and very real.

From Lindsay Marks: What’s it like working with Ben Masters?

Tracey: There aren’t enough superlatives to express it. As soon as you think of a word mighty enough to express Ben, you feel like it’s still too trite. You need to invent a new word for him. He defies any vocabulary. He’s tremendous in every way—as an actor, a person, a teacher, and a thinker. Ben should be a national treasure as far as I’m concerned. And when you’re in a scene with Ben, you know you’re being privileged way above your station. And besides all that, he’s a consummate professional.

From Susan Peters: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Tracey: Read! I live near a lake and I like to go on the dock, sit near the ducks, and read. I feel like I’m in heaven. If I get to be somewhere and read I just want to thank God. A good book is such a treasure. I live near Dana Sparks so we go for hikes and go bike riding. And other than that I mostly chauffeur my son around!

From Ruth Cole: What are you most proud of in your life?

Tracey: I’m a typical mother. I don’t have any other conversation but what Bryce did yesterday. I’m proud of my son--the way he is, how hard he tries to be good, and how loving he is. And what a great little person he is and tries to be. I’m so proud of him I could just bust. He represents the best of me that I have to offer. God gave me a sacred trust to take care of this person and I have not betrayed that trust.

From Anne Clark: What would be your dream storyline for Eve?

Tracey: I would equate my dream storyline with Julian because I want to act with Ben. As much as Eve loves TC, I want a “do-over” for Eve and Julian. I want them to go back and get together. Eve is in a position to lead Julian out of the wilderness. He’s such a wretched, horrible thing but he’s not completely lost. There are still signs that there’s something redeemable in him way deep down. I like the idea of Eve helping to redeem him. I think Eve would be helping Julian to have a second chance at being a real person.

From Andrea Aker: Do you think Eve and Ivy really like each other?

Tracey: Kim says that Ivy really likes Eve. I’m trying to think if Eve really likes Ivy. I think she admires Ivy’s guts. So far, Ivy is the closest thing Eve has had to a confidant…she knows everything about Eve. I think Eve could like Ivy but Ivy’s been pretty horrible to Eve. It would almost make Eve a masochist to like someone who’s been so brutal to her in so many ways. So I wouldn’t say “like”…but I think there are things she admires and respects, like her ability to take-charge. Eve is always tiptoeing around and walking on eggshells.

From James McCullough: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Tracey: Eve on Passions ten years older but looking ten years younger!

From Betty Stone: What’s your favorite thing about being on Passions?

Tracey: It’s silly because I don’t know much more about my cast members than I did a year ago, but I have so much affection for all of them. I get mad at them but there’s no day I don’t feel like I wouldn’t give them a kidney if I had to! I feel a real kinship with them and a real bona fide affection for them. If anyone needs anything I feel a vested interest in making sure they get. I have such affection for all those kooky people. I love seeing them… I feel like we all got put together for a reason…and not just the cast, everyone involved in the show. I chalk that up to James Reilly. A great group has to start at the top. It has to be to his credit that all these people came together on this project and are overwhelmingly wonderful people.