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September 24 , 2008


Tracey from x.x.x.185 joined the chat 25 hours ago

GrayC63: One kitty is purring loudly as I type. I now have three.

pwtala: LOLOL...that is the wierd things that can happen with age grayc....

Courtaney: hey tracey!

Tracey: Hi everyone!

SIPort: i don't have many ailments except ezcema, which flares at the wrong times. that, and a bum knee that acts up too

SIPort: hi tracey

Evian10: Hey Tracey!

Courtaney: three? baby is 15!

pwtala: Hey Tracey!!!

dolphin711: welcome Tracey

emelch78: hi tracey!

GrayC63: That's what my husband says. LOL. I am clutzy to say the least.

Tracey: Nice to "see" you guys again.

EternallyEvian: Hi, Tracey!

Courtaney: LOL you too!

pwtala: ditto...

cindyinpa from x.x.x.205 joined the chat 25 hours ago

Courtaney: hey cindy!

Tracey: Well, I guess you guys all heard about Eric and Galen. Kim told me on Friday.

Courtaney: I think we have all checked in now!

pwtala: hi cindy

Courtaney: yeah it's great news!

cindyinpa: hello everyone

dolphin711: yes, and i am thrilled

Tracey: I'm so happy for them, especially Eric.

dolphin711: hi cindy

Courtaney: me too

pwtala: Good for them.

Evian10: Yeah, I am so happy about Galen and Eric. I love DOOL.

jeanne: hey tracey

EternallyEvian: Some new and wonderful acting skills coming to Salem. I hope Eric brings his black T-shirt!

Tracey: I'll have to start watching DOOL now

jeanne: i am beyond excited for galen and eric

cindyinpa: hi tracey thanks for doing another chat

pwtala: maybe they'll spice up salem...

SIPort: eric and galen on dool?

jeanne: plus now i get to go see them at events again]

Courtaney: LOL Tam...I was just looking at a pic of him in that a few days ago!! From your fond 2004 fan event

Priscilla: Hi Tracey1

jeanne: they have one nov1

dolphin711: i will have to go back to watching and try to catch up with what is going on now

Courtaney: yeah SIP...Galen as an FBI agent and Eric as Brady

dolphin711: on days

EternallyEvian: I'm especially thrilled for Eric. I have really missed him! :-)

Priscilla: oops, Tracey :)

Evian10: You will love DOOL, Tracey. It's great!

SIPort: eric as brady...him...

pwtala: Days was my first soap to watch ever...still check in so I'll have to again now.

Courtaney: I will have to check in too...I am in their focus group they pick me for Passions? No!!!! But they do for Days and I barely watch at all!!!

Tracey: I know Eric was really worried with twins and a new house and I was worried for him because the business is so slow.

EternallyEvian: I was never big on Brady Black, but I didn't care for Ethan until Eric took over. He brings a certain kind of gift to his every role.

cindyinpa: i haven't watched days in years

Courtaney: I am so happy he found this!!

Courtaney: what kind of gift Tam??? :p

pwtala: Eric will be great and I'm glad for him too...he will bring his fans with him.

Tracey: Is there anything in particular anyone wants to talk about or know?

pwtala: I didn't like the other brady either tammy.

Courtaney: how was the visit to Night Shift Tracey?

EternallyEvian: Did you buy stock in Tums to complete some of the scenes I heard went down during the last year of the show?

Courtaney: I thought he was ok...

Tracey: It was great! so many of the crew and admin from Passions are there. It was like old home week!

SIPort: GH Night Shift?

Courtaney: yeah some of them went to visit it last Friday...Lisa's the EP there now, SIP and lots of the crew is there now

jeanne: where is pertros these days

Courtaney: petros was sweet

dolphin711: who did you see at Night Shift that we would know?

Tracey: People from the hair dept, make-up dept, wardrobe, stage manager (Cherie), 3 of the producers...

Tracey: camera people, sound guys...It was wonderful!

Courtaney: I remember Cherie!! She is the one who was pushing the line along that year, Tam...she is nice...only she didn't know "Evian!"

dolphin711: sounds like a lot of Passions alum are working there

Courtaney: that's cool so many are there!!

Tracey: I didn't see Petros.

pwtala: That's good they found jobs..

Courtaney: I heard Kathleen and John will make an appearance there soon?

jeanne: tracey i remeber cherie at the club events out side univerisal as we waited for u all to come from the parking garage she was runnning up and down getting us to scream as if she had too lol

dolphin711: and sharon wyatt

Courtaney: oh is she?

Tracey: They have jobs until next week, then they have to wait around and see if the show will be picked up and when.

Courtaney: oh no I didn't realize that

pwtala: oh man...that's a shame

jeanne: ns runs 13 eppies i think

Tracey: Same old song, unfortunately. i asked Lisa how long was it between working for the last round of Night Shift. She said the show had gone a whole year without shooting.

dolphin711: did you see that Donn Swaby has posted at Coffeerooms a couple of times in the last week?

cindyinpa: i met sharon when she was on GH she subed for heather locklear at an event

Courtaney: I didn't realize that at all...I never tuned into it though

pwtala: Wow....that's a long time...

Tracey: I hope it goes. I love knowing so many great people are there together.

Courtaney: he said he ran into you

jeanne: that was sweet of donn he was lookin for mercy too lol

Courtaney: yeah, I hope everyone finds something soon

Tracey: I just saw Donn Swaby yesterday. He came to my house to get some shows he was on for a new "reel"

dolphin711: He said in today''s post that he missed the passions family and that he had seen you, Tracey, and Jade Harlow recently

Courtaney: aww that's have the stash!!!

cindyinpa: whats night shift?

Courtaney: you sell him the motorcycle too? LOL

pwtala: Good deal!

Courtaney: It's a nighttime spin=off of GH on Soanet

EternallyEvian: Donn was wonderful. Back before Passions strayed so horribly.

Tracey: Yes, we sat on the floor and went through 9 years of Passions dvd's trying to find the 9 shows he needed.

SIPort: donn was a find

SIPort: he is so talented

Courtaney: awww wow that would be hard doing, and yes he is SIP

dolphin711: for me, donn was the one and only chad

pwtala: LOL...I bet that took a while!

cindyinpa: ok thanks

Evian10: That would be awesome to have all of the shows like that!

Tracey: Yes, he's a wonderful actor. He gave me the feeling that he wishes he had stayed with the show longer.

Courtaney: he sounded like he really missed it in his post...I think he wishes he had

dolphin711: i certainly wish he had, too

pwtala: seems like he misses it by his posts..

EternallyEvian: He had such wonderful facial expressions. Chad was edgy and not freaky back then.

Courtaney: he was very talented

Courtaney: LOL Tam

jeanne: tracy in our last chat you were going to have coffee with mckenzie the next day did you 2 catch up

Courtaney: Freakboy LOL

Tracey: But when you're young and talented like him you are impatient to get yourself out there.

SIPort: how is mckenzie

SIPort: did she have another baby?

Courtaney: yeah a lot of them do run off early

Courtaney: no SIP...but Galen and Liza did

pwtala: and regret it later.

Courtaney: separately...LOL

dolphin711: LOL

Tracey: I told him none of the cast wished the Chad storyline on him so it was probably better that he left because he would have had some thankless tasks to take on.

GrayC63: Not all of them regret it. Just ask Brad Pitt, soap alum.

EternallyEvian: Maybe Donn had some inkling of what was to come of Chad. When I think of what happened to that character. Donn's "Chad" was Evian's kid.

dolphin711: How true, Tracey!!!

pwtala: ugh thats the truth.

Courtaney: yes, and the same with Justin and the Fox story in 2006 and 2007...yikes

SIPort: i'm glad Justin is on Smallville right now

EternallyEvian: Oh, yes! And to think Fox was killed. I look at the scenes from the summer of 2004 and it's so amazing the turn things took.

Courtaney: yeah me too...anyone see his and Lindsay and Eric's you tube movie?

pwtala: it was a bit wierd...LOL

Courtaney: the first part???? Isabella was in the trailer for it...I need to check out part 1

jeanne: i did too funny

Tracey: McKenzie is great! What a fantastic girl she is! We had coffee and she brought Maddox with her and he's somewhere in the "terrible two" range and 100% boy!

Courtaney: it looked so funny

dolphin711: Yes, SIP, Galen had another little boy in July and Liza had another baby boy last month, I think

Courtaney: awww LOL then she has her hands full LOLOL

EternallyEvian: Why would JER have Foxney fall in love only to have Whitney proclaim undying love for Freak boy?

Courtaney: what did they name him? no one ever said? Liza's

pwtala: LOL...I bet that was entertaining.

Courtaney: he loves incest Tam...that's all I can figure...and it only got worse...that was nothing compared to what was to come

jeanne: yea he turned 2 in may

Tracey: I didn't hear Liza's sons name, only that he was 7 weeks early.

EternallyEvian: That's why I'm glad I missed it.

Courtaney: oh he was early? awwww

Courtaney: hope things are OK

Tracey: I heard everything is fine.

EternallyEvian: With the many rewrites we've gone through with the show, maybe when all was said and done the incest didn't happen.

Courtaney: good

cindyinpa: she hasn't posted on her board for awhile

dolphin711: That is good

cindyinpa: glad to hear that

dolphin711: we can pretend that the incest didn't happen

Courtaney: Tammy, I so hope it didn't...they could have and should have cleared all that up before it was over but they never did

Tracey: I think Mac is so busy because Seven is out touring alot so it's almost like single-parenting.

cindyinpa: susans on dancing with the stars

EternallyEvian: Just like Fox didn't figure out Evian had a kid. We didn't see that. Or Mad Dog suspected Evian had a child together back in 2001?

Courtaney: and what became of that baby??? he just disappeared???

pwtala: thats what we hoped was not pretty..

jeanne: tracey did you know entertainment tonight is now taping on stage 4 at radford

dolphin711: i think you are right about McKenzie

Courtaney: lucci?

cindyinpa: yes

Priscilla: Mad Dog.........not a memory I care to relive *shudders*

dolphin711: Seven seems to be out on tour a lot

EternallyEvian: Paula, you don't have to paint a picture for me. I still haven't watched the day after in Julian's office. I keep thinking, we were in L.A. right around the time that was taped.

SIPort: how is rodney, tracey? had any contact with him?

Tracey: I know she's writing spec scripts and auditioning.

EternallyEvian: Susan was great last night. A little tight on Monday, but strong last night.

Tracey: Yes, they told us last year that Ent. Tonight was taking over.

Courtaney: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars...

cindyinpa: i liked her dance last night better

jeanne: i wish days would hire mckenzie than we could have our mckalen back lol

emelch78: Hey Tracey! *waves* I have a question....

Tracey: No, Rodney and i were never close. were very different people.

Courtaney: that would be nice

EternallyEvian: After I stopped watching, I saw where there was potential for a good storyline with Evian and Mad Dog. The way it was written, it was hard to understand why Eve loved him.

Tracey: Ask away!

emelch78: how did you handle the ladies slobbering all over ben? Did you watch those scenes? LOL!

EternallyEvian: He was a very angry and volatile man.

EternallyEvian: I have a question, too. If there was anything you could have changed that Eve had to do, what would it be?

Courtaney: he was....I never saw what she saw in him

Courtaney: when she went back to TC in '06, for me!!

Tracey: Ben would tell me not to worry about those scenes and I would say "Do I look like Jennifer Anniston to you?"

pwtala: me too...

EternallyEvian: Nobody did. Except SIP. She was a Mad Dog fan. She was true blue. She understood when no one else did.

Courtaney: LOL did she worry?

emelch78: lol!

Courtaney: Jen...LOL

dolphin711: Tracey, have you been on any auditions? Any prospects? I would love to see you in another show

Evian10: lol

Courtaney: those scenes though were just....GROSS!!! sorry LOL

pwtala: LOL...that was a good comeback . It was tough to watch different women with julian.

GrayC63: Apparently not enough...

SIPort: look

SIPort: I tried to see positive in folks

emelch78: yeah, I'd alway ff those parts!

SIPort: except for theresa..LOL

Courtaney: LOL

Tracey: Very few auditions. not much is going on, though it should speed up as we get into fall. if SAG strikes that may slow the whole business down again.

dolphin711: i hope there won't be a SAG strike

Courtaney: I so hope they don't strike and that you find something1

EternallyEvian: Watching Eve kiss Mad Dog was easier for me than watching Evian in Julian's office. At least I could FF the Teve kiss. I couldn't do that with Julian and Eve and Julian/Valerie. UGH!

dolphin711: i understand that things are slow but I certainly wish you the best of luck

Tracey: There are so many actors and so few roles...

pwtala: Tracey, have you ever wanted to do a play?

Courtaney: I just got her headshot on ebay and it's beautiful...but they need to keep those headshots in the studios!! LOL

Courtaney: a play would be cool!

Evian10: Would you do a role on DOOL, Tracey?

Tracey: I've done plays. You don't get paid and no one comes to see them. a play in LA doesn't mean very much.

Courtaney: it only got worse Tam...cause Valerie was Vincent

SIPort: the actor who played vincent was excellent

Courtaney: awww we'd come!!!

pwtala: Awww....thats too bad...

cindyinpa: would you do broadway?

EternallyEvian: T-monster. Why did she get the happy ending. I will never understand that. That chick was crazy!

SIPort: he went all the way

Tracey: Of course I'd do a role on DOOL. Actors don't turn down opportunities to work and earn money.

Courtaney: yes phillip did a great job

jeanne: i hope eric gets to sing as brady

dolphin711: Tracey, how is your son?

Courtaney: Brady sings so he may

cindyinpa: new york is closer for me than la

EternallyEvian: I hope Eric gets to shower as Brady. :-)

Tracey: It's not really what you'd do, it's who wants you.

Courtaney: LOL Tam

pwtala: I aways thought nbc should have combined days/passions and had one great soap

Evian10: I have said for years that I would love to see you on DOOL, even before Passions was off. LOL. I think you could do a good role with lexie (Renee Jones).

EternallyEvian: I have these scenes when he was talking to Gwen, wearing a towel. Oooh, my word! *fanning*

Courtaney: is he being paired with Chloe? she used to be Jared's fiancee didn't she? But they may be pairing him with Nicole

Tracey: Bryce is fine. he's in the dorms at school in Boston. he loves it... but the weather hasn't turned yet and he's a California kid...

jeanne: gary tomlin is now on days he could be why they casted galen and eric yippy

Courtaney: Tracey would make an awesome Lexie!! But I bet she'd tower over Thaao her brother in size...the Days men are so much shorter aren't they?

Evian10: I asked Bryce how he was doing today, but I haven't heard back from him yet.

emelch78: wait until Bryce experiences the boston winters.

Evian10: Yeah, the guys on days are short. John and EJ are tall though.

Courtaney: Days sounds like a soap opera in itself if you read what's been going on there

EternallyEvian: Maybe Tracey could be Lexi's aunt. Celeste could have a sister.

Tracey: Kim said she couldn't believe Gary Tomlin let Galen come to Days. Gary wasn't a fan.

Courtaney: yeah they are

Courtaney: I remember Roark though, he looked average on Days, they he went to Passions and was just dwarfed in scenes with those tall men

Courtaney: wasn't he? awww

Tracey: The problem is their are half a hundred women who would be a good "lexie" LOL!

pwtala: Days needs spicing up and the passions cast would do it..

cindyinpa: the weather in the northeast is sunny and in the 70's but will rain the next few days

Courtaney: Tracey is a little young to be her aunt though...they are the same age I think...though I have an uncle only three years my senior so I can't talk

SIPort: galen is hot...LOL

EternallyEvian: Hey. Julian/Katherine. Anything is possible.

Evian10: You have already played a medical doctor on a show before though, so, that's my lexie would suit you. You would need paired with some other man besides abe

emelch78: but only a couple have NAACP image awards, trace! LOL!

EternallyEvian: Aunts and nieces can be the same age.

Courtaney: I am going to tell them to hire more Passions people in my next survey...I'll get it in there somehow in the end part, LOL...unless they knock me out of their focus group when I turn 40 LOL

EternallyEvian: I know lots of them.

pwtala: I agree emelch!!!!

cindyinpa: i'd rather tracey

Courtaney: that's true...I never thought Kat looked like his mother

jeanne: some days fans are rabid they hated passions so they hate that galen eric are going to be on it i reply jer ruined passions the actors didnt

SIPort: the woman who plays lexie's mother isn't but maybe 5 years older than her.

Courtaney: that's right melchie!

dolphin711: Wouldn't it be nice if a whole bunch of our Passions actors get picked up by DOOL?

pwtala: I could picture Tracey as Marlena's long lost sister...

Courtaney: and I think Joe is 7 or 9 years older than Thaao if I remember's soap ages I know

Tracey: Thank-you emelch. unfortunately, that and $10.25 will let me see a movie.

Courtaney: awww that would be cool

emelch78: lol

Courtaney: Awwww

jeanne: eva is only 10 yrs older than galen to play his mom

EternallyEvian: Yep, and she's fabulous...when we see her. Tanya Boyd.

Courtaney: is it that much there? CA is so high in in Appalachia it's 4 bucks...LOL

emelch78: I was trying to be optimistic! :p

Tracey: Yes, everything is expensive here!

EternallyEvian: They have movies there, Karen?

EternallyEvian: lol

Courtaney: Gas too I know....we learned that when we were out there

pwtala: LOL..

Courtaney: Tammy!! LOL

Evian10: With the economy everything is getting expensive.

EternallyEvian: Nothing's wrong w/ the economy. It's all in our minds.

Courtaney: Yes but actually our theatre closed so we have to go 30 miles to see one

Tracey: Anything anybody always wondered about?

pwtala: $ 6 bucks here for a movie...

EternallyEvian: I had a question.

Courtaney: I was going to ask Tracey about politics but I'd better not...LOL

EternallyEvian: It scrolled up.

Courtaney: 2 here for a matinee, it was, LOL

Evian10: Tracey, what was the hardest scene for you to film on Passions?

cindyinpa: you answered all my questions last time

EternallyEvian: Anything you could change that Eve had to do?

Tracey: I saw Blair (the last Miguel). What a nice kid. he needed to borrow some dvd's too.

pwtala: No we don't want to argue on here...LOL..

Tracey: No, no politics. i hate actors that "spout".

Courtaney: that is so cool you have those and that they are coming to get can stay in touch that way too

SIPort: how is heidi?

Priscilla: You don't want to get me started, trust me LOL

cindyinpa: any new info on Juliet?Have you seen her recently?

EternallyEvian: Me, either.

pwtala: I agree Tracey...100%

EternallyEvian: And I could really talk about it.

Courtaney: it's too volatile fan may even flee the country I heard!

EternallyEvian: Back to the show...

pwtala: Are you the Tracey ross in the kanye west song? karen wants to know...LOL...

Tracey: I heard Heidi was engaged to a doctor. Also that she got 2 national commercials. One is a car spot and the other I think is beer. there supposed to be lavish spots and she's the center of both of them.

EternallyEvian: Any scenes you wish you could do over with a better outcome?

Courtaney: Yes the Kanye West song....House on the Hill that's Tracey Ross

cindyinpa: heidi posted that on myspace

Tracey: Juliet is doing a British miniseries in England.

Courtaney: good for her

pwtala: good for juliet!

Courtaney: I am happy for her

Tracey: I assume that is Diana Ross's daughter.

Courtaney: I thought it was you! LOL

ginatlc: I had seen Amelia Marshall in an insurance commercial. Do you keep in touch with her?

dolphin711: good for juliet

pwtala: That's what I thought but karen said it was you...

cindyinpa: juliet was my favorite on Passions and the reason I started watching

EternallyEvian: I keep hoping GL will bring Amelia back.

Courtaney: Tracey how tall are you???? Your bio says 5'8 but SOD said 5'10....I am guessing 5'10!!

Tracey: I've tried emailing her but they come back. i heard she was really involved in her sons school and even teaching.

Courtaney: It said it was her on Wikipedia!!

Tracey: 5'9

Courtaney: ah in between!

EternallyEvian: A lot on Wikipedia is wrong.

dolphin711: amen

Courtaney: gotta change Eve's myspace height again, LOL

dolphin711: LOL

Evian10: We almost had her height right, karen!

GrayC63: What you don't trust user-created content?!? I'm shocked.

Courtaney: yes almost

EternallyEvian: maybe Eve is 5'8"

Tracey: Don't worry i'm getting old. I'll shrink

dolphin711: LOL

jeanne: there is a tracey ross that owns a boutque i think on sunset

Courtaney: LOL

pwtala: LOL..grayc you still here???

Evian10: You are not getting old!

Priscilla: No, Karen is old Tracey --you are still young!

GrayC63: I'm listening quietly...

pwtala: LOL..

EternallyEvian: It's easy to do that here.

Courtaney: that isn't nice Pris...the Karen part...the Tracey part is nice!!!

SIPort: you are just lovely, not old, tracey

Courtaney: she is very lovely

Priscilla: Think of yourself as fine wine Karen ;)

Tracey: Thanks sip. I hope they come out with some new cosmetic procedures soon...

EternallyEvian: or stale beer.

Courtaney: Now Tammy....LOL

pwtala: very beautiful

Priscilla: *dies laughing*

dolphin711: Tracey, was it fun playing the drunken Eve after Vincent started manipulating things? It looked fun and you were wonderful in your portrayal

cindyinpa: i agree tracey looks younger than her age

Courtaney: You guys are awful!!!

Courtaney: she does, much younger

SIPort: drunk eve was hilarious

Tracey: I do look younger then my age UNTIL I get into a room with people that are actually that age...then, not so much (LOL!)

Priscilla: Tracey, do you have a Blackberry or an Iphone? I'm curious if you are into such things....

SIPort: oh tracey...just say no to plastic surgery

Courtaney: she was wonderful!!

Tracey: Sip, are you insane. this whole town would collapse around our ears...

pwtala: LOL...

Courtaney: LOL

dolphin711: yes, drunken Eve was hilarious

EternallyEvian: Tracey, were you surprised when you saw Eve was going to become the 'drunk and drug-addict' she'd been years ago?

cindyinpa: tracey you don't need surgery or anything

SIPort: i just see the ones who should have said no

SIPort: meg ryan

SIPort: hunter tylo

SIPort: you know what I mean

pwtala: that is true sip.

EternallyEvian: Laura Flynn Boyd...

dolphin711: i agree, SIP

pwtala: priscilla presley...

Tracey: I'm thinking of getting an iphone. Bryce got one before he went to Boston and it is amazing. Unfortunately ATT reception is bad to non-existent at my house so when I move I may get one.

Courtaney: I don't notice much of that unless it's real bad and people mention it on TV

Evian10: Are you going to move, Tracey?

EternallyEvian: These instances are pretty bad.

Tracey: I just got some Botox in my neck the other day. works wonders on those vertical lines!

jeanne: tracey have you ever been to san diego i live in oceanside its 30miles from there

Evian10: I'm scared of needles, so, I couldn't do botox; however, it can't be as bad as getting stuck 50 times for allergy testing. lol

Tracey: I'm moving 1 mile away to a townhouse I own. my house is too much for one person- the upkeep! i'm going to rent it.

Courtaney: that's safer than surgery isn't it? I know most of the stars use that...I have even heard some in their 20s do

Courtaney: awww that's a good idea

Evian10: A townhouse will be nice.

Tracey: I've been to Oceanside. Just lovely. San Diego is just paradise.

jeanne: great to hear tracey

Courtaney: Mike's been there jeanne, his brother was a Marine there...but I have never been down there...we need to go someday

pwtala: I need head to toe botox. Is that possible???LOL

Tracey: Anythings possible! LOL!

Courtaney: head to toe?? LOL

pwtala: Karen hits 40 soon so she'll need some too...LOL

jeanne: have your talked to james since they went to porto rico last chat you mentioned

Tracey: I was suprised to see Eve was becoming a drunk. I just didn't know how long it would go on.

pwtala: YES...head to overhaul.

jeanne: 40s aren't bad

Courtaney: No but my sister says I look older than her but that's just because I don't put the kind of stuff on my face I should!!! She looks older in my book, but I FEEL older LOL

EternallyEvian: From what I heard it went on for a while. When I think of the beauty of Evian, and what became of them, it's heartbreaking.

pwtala: not too bad jeanne...the alternative is worse...LOL.

Courtaney: I hope they aren't bad but my third tooth has now broken in two's not looking good!

Courtaney: true, pwtala...LOL

GrayC63: Death or wrinkles.

EternallyEvian: They had this beautiful love story, and JER ruined. He ruined his creation, What there a point to it?

EternallyEvian: Was there a point to it?

Courtaney: Tammy, it is, but I am glad that they at least wound up together and happy...and Julian in tact...but I know, it could have been so much more...and should have been!

EternallyEvian: Did Evian grow in some way from that break up?

pwtala: LOL...actually I don't have wrinkles so much as crows feet around the eyes..oh and gray hair.

Tracey: I think the point is to put 'bodies in the seats", so to speak.

EternallyEvian: Exactly, they ended up together. But why break them up for that? They had gone through the ringer already. Why destroy the beautiful.

Courtaney: Eve went through a lot...but did she grow? I don't know...Julian...his part didn't make sense

Courtaney: bodies in the seats, Tracey?

EternallyEvian: JER fixed the Evian past and made them wonderful. Like Julian said outside of the Lobster Shack. They'd come full circle. Why go in reverse.

Tracey: Once they had Julian sleeping with Valerie and Ivy i kind of thought it was over.

Courtaney: he ran out of ideas I think and SOD kept harping on Old Julian and they listened

SIPort: julian was a mess

SIPort: i know he was

EternallyEvian: It made no sense. It destroyed the character of Julian.

pwtala: Tracey was direct tv a disaster in your opinion. I mean did they try with the show? it appears they only wanted subscription.

GrayC63: It wasn't about writing. Sensationalism for its own sake, is my only conclusion.

Tracey: To just keep people watching by hook or by crook.

Courtaney: the ivy thing was ludicrous because it seemed like it was from out of nowhere...the Valerie part was shocking, heartbreaking, and sick

emelch78: we see how that worked! LOL!

pwtala: I agree grayc.

Tracey: Yes, I agree, sensationalism for it's own sake.

EternallyEvian: It destroyed Evian for me. I could have taken anything but what we got. Julian calling Eve a whore. Insisting she play by his rules. He didn't do that before. Why now? It made no sense. It was like I never knew Julian. And I know I knew him.

Courtaney: oh ok...sadly though it didn't help with most Evian fans...and that's too bad...honestly if you polled all of us I think we'd find most started only watching Evian shows only by early 2006 because you just were never made us leave Passions' non-Evian days and that too was sad

EternallyEvian: JER destroyed his creation. You know, I'm surprised at how upset I get when I think of this.

Courtaney: you're a writer Tam, I's like you setting fire to Lara and Ryan!

pwtala: I do too was such a travesty to do that to Evian...for no reason really.

Tracey: I saw Daphane at the bank a week ago. She looked beautiful and said she was directing a short film and doing a 12-day shoot. She was very excited about it. She said audition wise there was nothing going on.

EternallyEvian: How did Eve find out about Endora? Did Julian tell her?

Courtaney: JER lost it somewhere along the way...bigtime

EternallyEvian: Setting fire? Reminds me of Misery. That scene pains me. Horrible! You don't kill your baby. You don't do it.

Courtaney: Endora blurted it out...Teen Endora...they were zapped to Tabitha's

pwtala: the last week was like that with all the reveals.

Tracey: If JER could destroy Luis and Sheridan then no one was safe.

Courtaney: yeah I know

EternallyEvian: So, Julian never told her. Another robbery.

Courtaney: no he didn' was a funny scene for Tracey were great Tracey...and Julian deserved the little slap he got lol

pwtala: the writers didn't seem to care at this point...they threw it all out there..

EternallyEvian: Shuis, Foxney, and especially Evian. He pulled a horrible trifecta.

jeanne: tracey we watch old shuis tapes its such a crime what he did to them and us

Courtaney: it was so weird...those weddings...I am glad they remembered Evian in the end and put them back, it could have been worse...but I wish it was so much more

Tracey: I went for a hike with Dana this morning. She's fine and thinking of going into real estate. she's such a great girl!

EternallyEvian: Evian, Shuis, and Foxney. Those couples had mad love! Forever love. Destroyed with the stroke of a pen.

Courtaney: Ah that's cool...there may be a lot buying homes soon..

EternallyEvian: T-monster gets happiness. After all the dirt she pulled on Gwen. She gets the happiness. Not fair!

jeanne: dana was always so funny at events

Courtaney: They were his best 3 couples...certainly my favorites

Courtaney: I never got to meet her

GrayC63: Not if the credit markets remain disfunctional and/or tight.

jeanne: have u talked to james since they went to porto rico

SIPort: they were terrific couples

Tracey: Oh, I saw Justin Carroll somewhere and he was out of rehab and doing fine.

pwtala: The best were botched in place of the newbie formed couples...not good.

Courtaney:'s the time to buy though isn't it?

EternallyEvian: Evian and Foxney. Foxney were Evian light. They were my favorite couples.

Courtaney: was he in it?

SIPort: that little girl who played endorra was the best child actor in ages

Courtaney: I am glad he's OK...I remember way back he had some problems

Courtaney: nicole is so cute

jeanne: i love justin carroll he use to come in mckenzies chat before he got his own and we had some fun times with him and even did a lunch

Tracey: James sent me an email. he said they would be back in LA soon and that they wre having a great time in Puerto Rico where Sue-Lings family lives.

EternallyEvian: I always liked the character of David. I'm glad he's better. For a half a second, I thought JER was gonna hook up Eve/David.

GrayC63: The market doesn't seem to have bottomed out, but who knows?

pwtala: nicole was a doll...

Courtaney: Awww that's cool!!!

EternallyEvian: They were having a lot of scenes back when.

Courtaney: James is funny, and a fellow Buckeye fan...had to get that in there!

Tracey: Nicole was Shirley temple reincarnated.

jeanne: i love james too lol you can get lost inhis blue eyes klol

Courtaney: she is so adorable, and yes she was!

EternallyEvian: You can get lost in Eric's muscles, too. :-)

Courtaney: lol

ginatlc: Tracey, do you still watch the montages/slideshows or read the fanfiction?

pwtala: I always wanted Eve to find out about Endora early on when Evian were happy and have scenes with would have been so cute..

EternallyEvian: I'm not a smiler, but seeing Eric in person. My word!

Courtaney: me too!! I wanted Eve and Julian to have weekends with her or something...

Tracey: James is one of the most sincerely good-hearted people you'll ever meet. he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. His wife Sue-ling is such a doll. also, incredibly sincere and real. Love her.

Courtaney: you still haven't forgotten and it's been 4 years lol

pwtala: We all should have submitted fan fic to the writers..gave them ideas..

EternallyEvian: Some things you never forget. Ohhh! I'm gushing. He was my vision for Ryan. :-)

Tracey: I haven't watched them since the show ended but I'd love to have them if Courtney didn't mind.

Priscilla: Everyone I have to depart, early bedtime for me...but Tracey, thank you so much for the chat!

SIPort: eric is a hunk. it's the reason I enjoyed him more as ethan. I still hated the character of ethan, but eric was good eye candy

SIPort: bye prisc.

pwtala: night pris..

EternallyEvian: Made writing some scenes very easy.

Courtaney: Oh yeah, love you to watch them!

EternallyEvian: Night, Pris.

Courtaney: Night Pris!!!

jeanne: tracey you all should plan a party to catch up at xmas lol

emelch78: bye pris!

EternallyEvian: I need to go, too. I stayed longer than I should have.

Evian10: night priscilla!

Priscilla: And enjoy ladies! Have fun! :)

EternallyEvian: Thanks for your time, Tracey.

jeanne: mckenzie is working on a fan lunch some time soon

emelch78: Night Tammy.

Courtaney: Night Tam!! And I tried to picture him as Ryan!! LOL

Tracey: I love Eric and he's another one with the loveliest, kindest, sweetest wife. i used to tease Eric about having married above his level with Lisa.

cindyinpa: bye priscilla

pwtala: night Tammy...don't be a stranger on EDMB..

EternallyEvian: Night, Erica.

Tracey: Goodnight Pris!

Courtaney: LOL Tracey

EternallyEvian: I've been very busy. Deadlines, revisions, etc.

Tracey: We talk about it. I think Kim is considering it.

pwtala: Eric seems so sweet and kind.

Courtaney: Night gals!! Is this the second novel or the one with Norris?

EternallyEvian: When things slow down I'll be back. Night!

Tracey: Thanks EE! Good-night!

EternallyEvian: Kinda both. But more the former.

Courtaney: Cool Tam...night!!

cindyinpa: goodnight ee

Tracey: I should probably call it a night too.

jeanne: tracey thanks for doing this chat passions is over but the love we have for the cast will never be

Tracey: Hey, what's the name of the novel. i will order it and read it!

jeanne: i keep joking we need a 12 step program

Evian10: Thank you so much for doing the chat, Tracey! We love you! Goodnight!!

Courtaney: Thanks, Tracey!! We love to have you on here!!

SIPort: tracey, thanks so much for this

pwtala: Always great to hear from you Tracey...

Courtaney: It's Choices

jeanne: i watch my other soaps but nothing compares

cindyinpa: tracey you are so sweet to do this please keep in touch on this board with whatever you do so your fans know

Courtaney: We love talking to you!!

Tracey: You're so welcome! Nothing is too good for any of you! Good-night.

emelch78: It's been great chatting with you, thanks Tracey!

ginatlc: Goodnight, Tracey!

Courtaney: Night Tracey!!

pwtala: Night Tracey..

cindyinpa: goodnight tracey take care

emelch78: Goodnight Tracey.

Evian10: goodnight, everybody! It's been great talking to you.

Courtaney: Night Nicole!!

pwtala: Good night guys...everyone..

cindyinpa: goodnight everyone

Courtaney: Night pwtalalu!!

pwtala: good night karen poo...

GrayC63: Night to one and all.

Courtaney: Night gals! melchie, gina, cindy, letrice, gray!!

Evian10: Thanks for setting up the chat Karen!

Courtaney: Ann!! Jeanne!!

Courtaney: You're welcome, it was fun!!

ginatlc: night

pwtala: nightie night grayc..

emelch78: Thanks for the chat Karen, nighty nite!

Courtaney: night gals!! yw, melchie

cindyinpa: yes,thank you courtaney

Courtaney: SIP!! Night all!!

GrayC63: Night, Paula. Say hi to your Anna for me. :)

Courtaney: something about that name, LOL

Courtaney: I just saw the poo! LOL

pwtala: Ok will do grayc...btw I won THE GOWN at the auction ....karen is so envious..

Courtaney: LOL!!!

Courtaney: You have yet to model it though, so I am not sure I believe you...LOLOL

pwtala: its sacred was worn during the best scenes ever...

Courtaney: LOL

jeanne: thanks karen that was a sweet chat

dolphin711: thanks karen for the chat

dolphin711: good night everyone

Courtaney: Good night gals, and you are welcome!! Thanks for coming!