Tracey Ross Opens Up
by Courtaney
Evian Dreams
August, 2007


How does it feel to be the mother of a high school graduate? I bet you are so proud of Bryce. How is his band doing?

Bryce is doing great! He spent 5 weeks this summer in Boston at Berklee Music School and loved it. He plans to attend full time next fall.

What did you do over vacation?

I spent 5 days in Boston and it is my new favorite city. I had no idea it was so beautiful, cosmopolitan and international. Can't wait to go back!

You mentioned Eve's in Venice and how you want to go there with Ben someday. What is Eve's exactly, and have you been there before yourself?

They spelled the place we wanted to go wrong. It's Eze in the South of France. Ben spent months there making a movie once but I've never been.

What was it like finding out you had won the Image Award? You said you didn't believe Ben at first when he told you. Did you scream or cry when it finally sunk in, or did you just smile all day long?

I didn't cry or scream. I was just happier and more excited and appreciative than I thought I would be. It was extra special because at the time we thought Passions was over. It was such a nice "going away" present.

Everyone is just so happy Passions was saved by DirecTV and that this isn't the end of seeing you and Ben work your magic as our beloved Evian. What was your reaction when you found out the show had been spared for another season? Did the cast all celebrate?

No, we didn't celebrate. We're actors and we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our natural state is unemployed. I'd say we were "cautiously optimistic" and had a wait and see attitude.

The scenes where Eve met her son were brilliantly acted. You were awesome in them! Were they difficult to do, especially given the fact that Phillip was wearing a mask?

They were difficult for Phillip. He had to act without using his face, eyes, voice or even men's shoes. He had on high heels! I think he's enormously talented and we both gave each other everything we had.

When you did the live blog in May, were you taping those scenes where Eve met her son? And was the live blog your idea, or did Passions approach the two of you about doing one? Did you do it over the phone?

Passions Publicity asked us to do the blog. I don't remember what was going on then. We did it in a room in the administration building. I tended to talk faster than the person typing it could manage.

The recent scenes of you and Julian where you were drunk were just so funny. Did you love getting a chance to try your hand at comedy? You were terrific at it!

I didn't know I was doing comedy. I wasn't trying to be funny. I thought Eve's being impaired tended to make her irreverent. If it was amusing I'm glad but I think that credit would belong to whoever wrote it that day.

It's great to see Eve on so much again. We have missed her. Was it hard working so many days in a row all at once, after having such a light schedule? And does your focusing problem that you said you have make it difficult to learn so many lines at such a fast pace?

My focusing problem? Do you mean my ADD? (Laugh). It's like Ben says: "The only thing worse than not working is working!" (And vice versa!)

Are things looking better for Eve and Julian now as the show heads toward DirecTV? We are hoping we just might get our dream Evian baby after all. Would you still love that?

There's always something in Eve and Julian's way (In my opinion, it's usually Eve!), and that is still the case. But they are still involved with each other and that's good. I would love for Eve and Julian to have a baby but could you imagine all the frightful situations it would be put into? It makes me shudder.

You've said you had a crush on Ben from the start, as he did you. He has said he never dreamed he'd get to be with you, however. Was it the same for you, or did you always see the two of you ending up together somehow?

I thought I'd have to just be first in line in the next life. I'd given him every hint and nothing seemed to make him go that extra step and ask me out. I was going to try throwing myself in front of his car when he left the parking deck but instead I just said, "You want to take me to dinner?" And he said yes!

Ben made a remark recently in Soap Opera Digest that the things he does should only be done in "dark, murky places," hinting that he doesn't look good with his shirt off. What do you have to say about that?

He looks like the Statue of David to me!

Do you ever go swimming with Ben in his pool in the desert? And do you guys have special nicknames for one another?

Yes, we've gone swimming. His yard is really private and I love to swim "Au Naturel." I like to call him "Pookie" to make him laugh and I say it just like Rebecca.

What's your idea of a dream wedding with this masterful man (who we know will totally cave someday soon smile.gif )? Is it still to go to Vegas?

I think Eve and Julian should get married at the church with everyone from Harmony past and present there. Plus, extras who look surprisingly like our real family and friends. We should use a real minister and do it once for Eve and Julian and then again for Ben and Tracey.

You have said you want to write someday. Would you ever consider writing a book about your life?

No, it wouldn't interest me and I doubt it would interest anyone else either!