Applause, Applause
By Joanne Gallo
Soap Opera Weekly Magazine
February 27, 2001

Ben Masters: Outstanding Performer for the week of January 29th

“You slut!” Julian’s attack on Ivy bellowed through the grand soiree, the sting of his words lingering in the air. Guests at Ethan’s and Theresa’s engagement party on Passions may have been shocked by Mr. Crane’s outburst, but we delighted in Ben Masters’ marvelously campy, tour-de-force performance.

When Julian was confronted with the unbelievable truth that his beloved Ethan is really Sam Bennett’s son, he let out a small gulp of surprise. It was the calm before the storm: Masters stood with shoulders slightly slumped, staring off despondently in semi-disbelief and defeat. But a twitch of his eyebrow hinted at Julian’s brewing vengeance.

He re-entered the party wielding his evidence – the rolled-up tabloid – and stroking it like his wounded pride. Tell us, Julian: How many ways can you call your wife a lying tramp? “You harlot, you whore!” he growled, his fury rising. Too bad for Ivy that the guests could tell this was not usual, drunken Julian behavior. Ivy tried to scurry away, but a red-faced, seething Julian grabbed her and hissed in her ear. The poor young man at the center of the battle royal, Ethan, just kept fanning the flames, calling out to him, “Father!”

You could almost see the steam pouring out of Masters’ ears, as Julian accused Ivy of playing him for a fool. “You lied to me, woman,” he snarled, his indignant rage now at a fever pitch. “You deceitful, duplicitous bitch!” He toppled over the dessert table in a sublime drama queen moment that would rival any Erica Kane tantrum. It was enough to make his mortified wife pass out. Indeed, hell hath no fury like Julian Crane scorned.