Tracey Ross Connects
By Courtaney
Evian Dreams
November, 2006

Tracey Ross answers some fan questions

You have said recently that you like to hike. What else do you do to stay in shape? You look terrific!

Mostly I panic! Then I do exercise videos like Cindy Crawford's. Of course the next day my whole body hurts so I stop and don't exercise again until I notice how much wobble there is when I walk. Then I panic and start the cycle all over again!

How are your two dogs? How old are they? Do they like to go hiking with you?

Clem is 5 and Oliver is 6. They are both Golden Retrievers but:

Clem - hates the water, won't chase a ball (doesn't see the point), loves the sofa, and doesn't like to walk.

Oliver - loves to swim, loves to chase balls (though will not give them back), loves to be outdoors, and will run until he drops.

Is Bryce a senior this year or did he start college already? Does he know what he’s going to major in yet?

Yes, Bryce is a senior. He would like to go to Berklee Music School in Boston.

We adore your hair! I know you have said it will break if it just sees a curling iron, etc. How is it holding up with you wearing it like this on the set?

Badly! It's breaking off and the ends are drying up just from the handling and the lights.

You have said that Julian was cute when he was bad. Do you still find cuteness in his character, or is it getting harder with how vile he has become, especially to Eve? Has anything he has said or done surprised you?

Julian always has a vulnerable, little boy quality to me through everything. I am surprised that he called Eve a wh*re. I don't think he was provoked to that degree.

Is it hard, as an admitted Evian fan, to see what has become of Eve and Julian’s relationship? Should we still hold onto our dream of one day having a Dr. Eve Crane?

I think a sign of a couple's success on a soap is the break-up. It's the only way to do it all over again. As I said to Ben, I can't give you longing glances from across the room if you're right next to me!

The love scene in the midst of all the office fighting was a bit controversial with the fans. Did the mixed reaction surprise you? Did Ben have some funny comments while taping what went down in Julian’s office that day?

I think you have to assume they used protection between the time you saw them kiss and the scene of the afterglow.

There weren't many funny remarks shooting those scenes. They were not fun to do.

Do you see a way out of this horrible place for Evian? Will it be up to Eve to save Julian and this couple?

I think they will have to come around full circle again. I can't help but appreciate the opportunity for Ben to play different things. Evil Julian gets to be more surprising than good Julian.

What episode were you taping when Priscilla, Tammy and I visited in August? Was it the Thursday episode of the office scenes? I know you said we wouldn’t like what you taped that morning! You two were awesome in those scenes!

Yes, it was those scenes. We tried to warn you without giving too much away. I realize it was very hard to take. It was for us also.

Ben once said (I think) that he likes to be in character on set to prepare for his scenes that day, and that he takes things home with him. Has he become a scoundrel on and off set because of this change in Julian? LOL. Or do you two have a good laugh when you are done with these tense scenes?

We have a good laugh. Ben's humor and appreciation of the absurd help him to be a great bad guy without having to be a "scoundrel" himself.

Do you think there’s a possibility we will find the Evian child in the future, or get a new Evian child for Eve and Julian? Would you like for Eve to have a baby?

I would love for Eve to have a baby with Julian. Of course Eve would have to tone down her schedule...

Ben gave a little jab at your movie selection prowess a while back in one of the mags. Any paybacks? LOL.

No. He's more realistic than me. I tend to believe everything the "brochure" says. He knows the brochure (and the movie trailer) is an advertisement and not gospel!

*Thanks to EternallyEvian and pwtala for some of these questions.