Soap Opera Weekly Magazine
October 10, 2006

Thumbs Up!
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For the first three years of this show, we were treated to the hilarity that is Ben Masters's Julian. The bitter magnate spit out fabulous one-liners while knocking back brandy and chasing around his skirt of the week. He was filthy, but we soaked up every moment with the dirty bird. In 2002, things changed. The mean ol' Jules developed a conscience and turned nice. Ick! Sure, it was sweet to see him reunite with long-ago love Eve, but the grouchy, sex-obsessed Julian was nowhere to be found. Until recently. Eve's shift in attention toward her ex-hubby, TC, turned a switch in JC. He is once again impatient, surly, angry and leaning on his liquor because Eve won't do what he wants. And the determined Julian suddenly wants to spend time with Little Ethan (who he believes is his son), and will fight to the death for that to happen. Welcome back Julian Crane!