Is Passions' Julian Hurt?

Ben Masters Reveals Julian's soft side

"Finding out that Ethan isn't his son devastated Julian. It revealed a whole different side to himself. It takes a lot for him to climb back up the ladder to get through the pain and get back to doing hideous things with such glee.

He's now out to get Ivy out of the house. She claims she'll never divorce him, at least not that easily. And he still sees Eve and thinks longingly of her, even after he's proposed to Rebecca. Given his nature, the emotional loss scenes were full of genuine emotion. For once, this person who likes to pose, posture and manipulate is exposed and vulnerable. And we saw him lick his wounds and climb back into his old ways. His hatred for Ivy is now very dark and all-encompassing. In playing Julian, if I have happy, fun scenes, I tend to stay close to that emotion all day. Likewise, the many days of feeling hurt and betrayed were, at times, hard to sustain in the sense that they do take a bit of a toll. Even my dreams are very strange. I often think I'm Julian in my dreams."