Physicians' Reference

Soap Opera Digest

March 7, 2006

Tracey Ross (Dr. Eve Russell):

Are you CPR certified in real lif
e? "No, I'm not. I know how to perform CPR from what I've read and what I've heard on the set."

What is the most difficult medical dialogue you've had to say? "When I first started, I wasn't used to medical dialogue. Now, all the terms are familiar, so I don't trip over them the way I used to. In the beginning, there was the line, "One cc of Epinephrine.' I kept messing that up. Finally, I think they changed the line to, 'One cc of Epi.'"

When you watch medical shows, do you understand what's going on? "I don't watch medical shows. I have never watched ER. Well, I have watched medical shows on the Learning Channel on which people come in to real emergency rooms with their arm hanging by a string. I notice that [the medical staff] moves quickly, but there's not this panicky sense."

How competent is Eve as a doctor? "As a real doctor [laughs]? Dr. Eve's competency as a real doctor is that I think she would make a very good nurse. She's very caring and very devoted and will do anything to make the patient comfortable. I think Eve combines the capability of a doctor with the compassion of a nurse."

And Julian would love to see her in a nurse's uniform. "I bet he would, but with high heels and fishnets [laughs]!"

What is Eve's favorite perk about being a doctor? "She's invited everywhere. She goes to all the best parties because something is bound to happen. Her favorite perk should be respect. I think Harmony takes her for granted. They kind of treat her like a plumber when the toilet is stopped up. 'Get in there Eve and unclog the toilet!'"