Love Vets

Soap Opera Digest

February, 2006

Julian Crane (Ben Masters) :

Romance Roster Highlights: Suzanne the Maid, Ivy Winthrop Crane, Rebecca Crane, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane, Tabitha Lenox.

What has been Julian's most romantic moment? "It was outside the Lobster Shack with Dr. Eve Russell when Julian said, 'Let me make it right this time.' He professed his love for her and said how he had always loved her. It took her aback."

What was the cheesiest moment? "Perhaps when he was dressed up as Daddy Warbucks and Rebecca was dressed up as the naughty school girl and he was spanking her behind with the paddle."

Speaking of, with Rebecca, Tabitha and Suzanne, there was...
"Freakishness! The freakier moments have been with those three ladies."

And with Theresa and Ivy? "Well, the night with Theresa was brought on by too much champagne on the island of romance, Bermuda, where she was old enough to drink, thank God. Ivy was more of an adversarial relationship for Julian, but on occasion he would try to reignite passion. Then, Tabitha gave Julian that strange potion that totally put him in another reality."

Does Julian prefer romance or carnal attraction?
"I think he prefers romance and always did, but since he had lost Eve all those years ago, he hated himself so much and was so bitter that he took it out on women around him. I think the relationship that Julian and Eve have now is a mixture of both romance and carnal love."

Then, he had Liz threatening him to sleep with her. "I think it would be rather difficult to get a man aroused with a letter opener at his throat."